What is Pick-Up & Play?

Pick-Up & Play is a new way to play league basketball. We are the first ever online organized pick-up basketball league.   Grab some friends and sign up today to discover other players and parks all around you while experiencing pick-up basketball in a way you never have before. 

Why Pick-Up & Play?

Pick-Up & Play offers an exciting and new experience different from your traditional basketball league. With Pick-Up & Play you have the flexibility to choose almost everything about your basketball league that you never could in traditional leagues. With Pick-Up & Play you:

  • Get to pick the court you play

  • Choose what day and time to play

  • Play a season with any friend of your choosing

  • Receive online standings, records, and awards

  • Pay SIGNIFICANTLY less in dues than traditional basketball leagues

  • And above all: Become a part of a expansive network in your city to meet and play with fellow pick-up basketball players

Can We Play Our Games Anywhere?

Yes! Each team and their opponent agree on a court location before their match, so as long as both teams are fine with it you can play anywhere! We do recommend keeping the court & park location somewhere accessible to both teams. 

Can Anyone Play?

Just about! We require all players to be older than 18 years of age. But besides that everyone is eligible! 

What About Skill Level?

We at Pick-Up & Play understand that basketball is a sport of varying skill levels. As our seasons and number of teams expand we plan to roll out different leagues based on skill set.

Will You Be Coming To My City Soon?

Pick- Up & Play fully expects to expand to other cities across the country. While we have some cities in mind, we love to hear from interested players. Have a recommendation in mind do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Sounds Great, I'm In! What Next?

Awesome! Next step is to find friends to form a team with. When ready simply register for a league and have your players provide their contact information.